Annual Conference

We hold our CSPN conference on annual basis during which we include the business meeting, where key proposals are brought to the membership for a ballot vote. The conference usually takes place in Rockville, Virginia. This is a prime opportunity for our member organizations to network together and share resources and ideas.  Our guest plenary speakers and workshop leaders provide updated information on strategic topics.  

Each year has a different theme - in 2016 it was ‘ Towards a Sustainable Vision for Child Safety’.  


“ loved the plenary speakers! To get both a theoretical framework (from Jennifer)  and a powerful personal testimony (from Andrea) was a powerful combination”


“ CSPN is growing year on year- fantastic to see such a diversity membership working together towards one goal"


“this was my first CSPN conference. As the child safety coordinator of a small agency, I really appreciate knowing that there are other out there and that child safety is something we can work together in”


 During our Annual Conference this year, CSPN celebrated our 10th year of protecting children.