Response Team Training    

Response Team Training (RTT) is one of our most popular services. A common question is ‘What happens when I get a child safety report?’ The RTT aims to equip our members with the tools and protocols to respond effectively to a report. 

We typically run 3-4 Training courses per year across the globe- typically Asia, Africa, North America, Europe.   We are open to invitations by any member organization who wishes to host an RTT. 

This year we are expanding into South America and West Africa. In 2018, there will be a RTT held in Central America.


‘Thanks so much for this 3 days of intense but incredibly valuable training. Going back to my child protection role with such helpful resources’.


'The facilitators bring such rich experience and this really helps to make the training come alive’.


‘I love the way CSPN is giving us principles which we as agencies can adapt for our own organisations’.