Annual Conference

We hold our CSPN conference on annual basis during which we include the business meeting, where key proposals are brought to the membership for a ballot vote. The conference usually takes place in Rockville, Virginia. This is a prime opportunity for our member organizations to network together and share resources and ideas.  Our guest plenary speakers and workshop leaders provide updated information on strategic topics. 

Each year has a different theme -- The 2018 theme was ENGAGING CULTURE - protecting kids in a 21st century world.



I really liked Elizabeth's exercise on "Scripture passages", "What God says about the children He made?" and "What abuse tells them instead?". I may use that with our staff."


“ CSPN is growing year on year- fantastic to see such a diversity membership working together towards one goal"


“this was my first CSPN conference. As the child safety coordinator of a small agency, I really appreciate knowing that there are other out there and that child safety is something we can work together in”