*NEW Programme Essentials Training


Keeping children safe within organisations requires a broad understanding of the overarching principles of safeguarding. This three-day course is designed to equip the people responsible for organisational child safety with the knowledge, skills and resources to develop a comprehensive child safety programme.  Key topics will include: governance, scope of responsibility; understanding your organisational culture; duty of care; legal obligations and policy development. Each of the three modules will include a topical overview, foundational components and practical application.

Programme Essentials is designed for policy makers and leaders who have responsibility for implementing and developing child safety programme in their schools or organisations.  These leaders are not necessarily the ‘hands on’ members of a child safety response team or even those who are delivering curriculum. Suggested attendees are HR leaders, managers, school administrators, Board members or anyone involved in strategy and implementation. 

The Programme Essentials Course is reserved for CSPN Member organizations.  For information on joining CSPN, please visit our Membership page.

The launch of the Programme Essentials Training will be held in Taiwan in February, 2020.  Click here for more information on that event.